hey my sexy friends and visitors. hope all is well with you all!! so this month i have been to the Erotica UK and Ukap Awards...so at the erotica ive been there on saturday it was my first time to go at the erotica show and it was nice...so many nice things so see and buy...and lots of pornstars aswell..i had the chance to meet the famous pornstars tanya tate,syren sexton angela long and busty coockie in person...they are so nice and fun to be with..i will post some of the pictures down below :)

 me with busty cookie :)

me :)
 syren sexton and me holly harlow :) xxx

lol crazy holly crazy

Ukap Awards 2011

so the at the Ukap Awards it was my first time aswell to attend and i presented an Award..BEST MALE PERFORMER 2011 and the Winner was KAI TAYLOR for this award..the crowd cheered so much when he won it.. he must be loved from so many people..he seems nice even tough i dont really know him yet...i was so exited to present an award it was my very first time and i enjoyed it...at the party there was so many producers/directors and of course PORNSTARS!! JOANNA JET was there looking amazing as always we had a good lough togetter and also posed for photographers mmmm :) shes a very nice person and fun to be with aswell...i like her!! there was aswell my new friends Busty coockie and Bea Veyron they are both amazing and funny.. i love being with them..heres some photos from the night :) xxxxx love

Holly Harlow xoxo