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Default My Interview with the Beautiful Holly Harlow
Interview with Adult Film Actress and English Teen Sensation Holly Harlow!

Hi Holly! I'm so excited about our business-ship/friendship with you. I must say you’re appearance is not only beautiful, but your personality also. It shines through with sweetness and consideration for everyone around you. As soon as I saw you on a post by my girl Liberty Harkness I knew big things were in your future. It’s refreshing and humble to hear you don’t quite know it yet. I'm so glad you chose to do this interview with me and to join my cam site.

Hello! First of all I would like to thank you for all the help and exposure that you’re giving me. I too am excited about caming for you it’s been a good experience so far! I am also looking forward to working with you and your husband for a scene, and ensuring a long lasting business-ship/friendship with you! You seem very lovely and been so supportive. I also want to give thanks to Ms. liberty Harkness for introducing me to the ts world. I’m thrilled to be working in the industry.

Awe thanks, no problem Holly! I to will continue to support you and I think our scene together will be hot, hot, hot! When and how did you get started in the business? Is there a story behind it?

It all begun for me when I was a kid. I always felt and dreamed that I wanted to become a pornstar, and I just couldn’t wait until my 18th birthday! As soon as I turned 18 I made a trip from Malta to London for the Television X 15th anniversary Gala. It was so much fun and I was shot by so many paparazzi that stood out to producers. Because as soon as I made the appearance at the event I was tracked down to do my first series on Television X with female British ebony star Kiesha Kane by Mcondo for TVX. The series I starred in was called “Entry Level Whore”. I was elated to do my first scene and that my dream was actually happening! However after I shot my first series I stopped abruptly due to a relationship I was in back in Malta and didn’t feel it was right for the relationship. I was in love and wanted to respect my boyfriend at the time. I recently ended the two year relationship recently and as soon as I was ready I rushed back to England to what I started and realized this is really what I always wanted

Interesting to hear how you began! That must have been thrilling to go to your first adult event and be the talk of it! Rest assure so many guys are thrilled you made the leap back. I think it’s also important you know what you want and it sounds like you always wanted to be in the industry and not doing it for any other reason. How many scenes have you done so far and who do you want to shoot for in the future?

Well so far I have done a total of 13 scenes. I’m hoping to do much more work in the future, since three of them are solo scenes for my website. I would like to work for every site that would have me and work with other girls in the industry. I’m really excited to work with you! Bu also will be working more with Liberty harkness, the legendary Joanna Jet and Sammi Valentine. I get so excited and turned on when I get booked for scenes it makes me feel good to know I please so many watching. I love the feeling of being on a set with cameras all around me catching me in my most erotic sexual acts and so many guys and girls will be getting turned on . That’s what motivates me.

Ooh a new website coming - guys will be waiting around the block for this! What have you found to be the positives and negatives of the business?

Well one of the positive things is you get paid good money for something that most love doing…SEX hehe! Another positive thing is all the fun and interesting people you get to meet and all the different places you get to travel to...

The negative thing that I am not fond of is how often we adult stars have to be tested, because I hate needles. But at the end of the day I’m glad to know we are being safe as we can. I also don’t like when people look down on you, cause you are a pornstar. We are real people and it’s our job. We are tested and I always try to be professional. I don’t like the bad image that comes along with it, but I see a lot of stars coming out and changing the views slowly but surely. For me though when people look down on me, at the end of the day, I just don’t care! I am happy and I’m making my fans happy and that’s important to me. I live my life for myself and I don’t want to be unhappy, life is short.

When do you think your new website will launch and what will viewers get to see

I am currently working on getting content together for it. It’s a lot of hard work, and I only hope fans appreciate it. I really just want to turn them on; hearing I do turns me on. Motivates me to be dirtier and get more creative to please them continually.

Cool glad to hear I wish you luck on your upcoming site and hope it’s a smooth and steady process! Staying on topic of what your fans will be able to see, you are now signed up as a Kelly's Dreamhouse model and been camming all week and just invested in a HD webcam that will make your shows unreal and crystal clear. We also set you up with the new Gold Show/Party Chat feature that I’m sure a lot of guys will want to take advantage of! What will the guys be able to see with Miss Holly Harlow?

Yes! I’m a girl now ..hehe! They will be able to see my hot hard cock cumming for them, my hot round ass, and my 36c soft perky tits! I will also be playing with my toys my shows and trying to satisfy foot fetishes. I love to cum on cam. Besides that I’m also a good listener and love to get to know my fans and admirers. I want to know their fantasies and toughts and share mine. I want to know what makes them tick and hear of their kinky stories..and I’m excited about offering party chat to the guys! The thought of so many guys watching me at once jerking off to me is such a huge turn on. But not to forget to mention that i love cam2cam for a more personal one on one time. I’m usually on in the morning and at night. So I hope people will stop by and see me!

You are so exotic and have a different look than most models...what is your nationality?

I am a mixed race of Maltese, Irish, and English. I was born and raised on Maltese Island, but now moved to London. I love it here!! I do miss my Maltesers at times there are a few guys and girls that are there that are after lil ol’ me that I miss.

You are 19 - you transitioned very young. When did you start your transition and any advice to girls?

Yeah, I started at a very young age and luckily I had a very supportive family. I’m honestly very thankful for that blessing. To be clearer I stared my transition when I was 13. I remember my mother was in tears when I first told her, even if she knew it already as I was always feminine. She eventually came to terms and she changed my room and made it all nice and pink and gave me all her support at the age of 14 going on 15. I got my boob job not too long after that my mother gave the permission for. She knew how much i really wanted them. She made that happen for me, so I could be happy. I’m so thankful to her.

My advice for girls, don’t let others get you down! Some people can be nasty and try to put you down for no reason. Out of hate or just to make them feel better about themselves. Be strong, no matter what it gets better eventually even if it takes time. Beauty comes from within remember this. Build your confidence up and stay on track on what matters. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe
you will achieve, you got to believe!

So happy to hear very similar to my life, and great advice my dear! I know you are currently single. Are you looking or just living your life? When I was performing I found that it was hard to find a guy who could get past the image! Have you found it hard to find a guy who will date a girl in the industry?

Yes, I am currently single and loving it! As I said I just ended a two year relationship. So no I’m not really looking at this time, but one never knows when love comes along. I do think it is hard a lot of times for guys to deal with a girl in the industry. A lot of guys will try to avoid it or only a few can really handle it without drama. Although I will be going on a date tomorrow night with a British guy! He’s lovely, and I think it will be fun. So I am open to going on dates.

Ooh exciting for all those British Chaps over there or visitors to your area! Lastly, where can we find you on the internet?

Oh yes this is important, I love speaking and being in contact with all my admirers!


And of course make sure to bookmark me on Kellys Dreamhouse to know when I’m live!

And to any men that would like to spoil me my wishlist

Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans and readers?

I would just like to thank everyone for the support and kind messages. I hope to get to know all my admirers more and we have a long love affair together..hee hee

I want to thank you for doing this interview! You are the sweetest! I wish you all the luck on your career and future endeavors!
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